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JAN 2013

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CASE HISTORIES { REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS } Flooring System Makes the Grade HRISTOPHER RUTT, THE artistic director of Kinesis student dance company and dance coordinator at New Trier Township High School, needed to install flooring that could support a variety of rigorous activities for their 36by 70-foot studio space. New Trier Township High School is a 4,000-student preeminent educational facility with two campuses located in Winnetka and Northfield, Ill. The New Trier dance students would be participating in many forms of dance in the studio including modern, ballet, jazz and world dance, while branching out to yoga and even self-defense classes. Mr. Rutt selected Harlequin Floor's Activity Sprung Floor System and Studio B as the flooring combination solution. "From slip resistance to cushioning for joint support, Harlequin's Activity C Sprung Floor System and Studio B vinyl provide the safest conditions for my young students as they practice dance or self-defense techniques," he explains. "The flooring's triple 'sandwich' composite construction offers the shock absorbance my students' growing joints need. The flooring also receives an A-plus in my book because it features bactericidal properties to protect my students from the lingering germs often found on surfaces on high school campuses." It was essential for Mr. Rutt, the staff and students at New Trier Township High School that a sprung dance floor was specified and installed, not a sports floors. There are critical differences between a sprung dance floor and a sports floor. Most notably, a sprung dance floor provides vital shock absorption and lift to prevent Harlequin's Activity Sprung Floor System and Studio B vinyl provide the safest conditions for young students at New Trier Township High School because the flooring offers the shock absorbance students' growing joints need. dancers' injuries without being spongy or having a trampoline/rebound effect. A sports floor is stiffer and has a high degree of energy return for ball bounce that is not suitable for dancing. Maintenance Overhaul Success OR FAMILIES WITH visually impaired or deaf and hard of hearing children, Mississippi's state-of-the-art School for the Blind and School for the Deaf (MSB/D) are a blessing. Approximately 250 students receive a tuition-free education with specialized instruction to meet their needs, plus room and board, all at a newly renovated campus. In concert with campus refurbishes, the MSB/D Combined Services Office has overhauled maintenance operations so dusty air conditioners and squeaky air handlers won't tarnish the pristine campus. But before Branch Director Dale Allen arrived, maintenance repairs were not as organized. "At one time there were two separate maintenance departments, one for each school, and it would take a week just to change a light bulb in a dorm," Allen recalls. In the past, the requestor had to complete F a multi-copy maintenance request form and submit it to a supervisor for approval. The original copy would be hand delivered to the appropriate school superintendent's office where it could take three to five days just to dispatch a technician. Allen purchased a CMMS package (computerized maintenance management system) called Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group and set up a structure to fulfill requests using work orders and a preventive maintenance calendar. Today, 30 authorized MSB/D staffers submit requests to Bigfoot, which automatically sends alerts to Allen. He logs on and approves, prioritizes and assigns the repair to one of his techs and cuts the work order, marked with an estimated completion date. Work order data feeds preventive maintenance tasks that populate the calendar to remind team members when In concert with campus refurbishes, the MSB/D Combined Services Office has overhauled maintenance operations. Bigfoot CMMS helps organize work orders and preventive maintenance so that everything is done quickly. to check on equipment. "We're a state school, which means state officials and inspectors visit us from time to time. Bigfoot helps us make sure everything looks and works as it should," concludes Allen. SPM Look for more Case Histories online at: 68 SCHOOL PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JANUARY 2013 WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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