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JAN 2013

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P R O D U C T S T H AT W O R K PROTEAM, THE VACUUM COMPANY {what's new & noteworthy} Comfort Is Paramount: The Super Coach Pro Backpack Vacuum With FlexFit Harness I F COMFORT AND PRODUCTIVITY were people, they would be conjoined twins. You can't have the one without the other. A 2007 study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine documented that workplace fatigue is common and costs $136 billion per year in lost productivity. Too often, facility managers neglect the impact of physical comfort on job performance, forgetting that fatigue and discomfort greatly diminish outcomes. Some cleaning tasks are more taxing than others. When a worker uses equipment for long hours, every design difference on that equipment makes a difference. A backpack vacuum strap that rubs a little for the first hour could create great discomfort at the end of an eight-hour shift. This is why it's crucial to choose equipment that is ergonomically designed with the worker in mind. The FlexFit articulating harness was created by ProTeam designers to give cleaning pros greater comfort than ever while using the new Super Coach Pro backpack vacuum. A pivoting ball joint connects the vacuum to the upper backplate, which responds to back and shoulder movements with three axes of rotation. The shoulder straps respond when the user is reaching high or low, keeping the vacuum upright and centered. The waist strap distributes weight more evenly on the hips for better balance. "The Super Coach Pro allows for even better maneuverability," says John Eshelman, owner of Universal Maintenance in Boise, Idaho. "The shape cuts down on bumping into things, and it fits snugger against the person wearing it." A month ago, Eshelman implemented the Super Coach Pro in all the facilities he cleans. Even though his employees were 28 happy with their previous ProTeam backpacks, they immediately noticed the design improvements of the Super Coach Pro. In field tests, users commented that the unit is more "body friendly" and feels lighter and more comfortable. The Super Coach Pro is also noticeably quieter than its predecessor, the Super CoachVac, even though it has the same powerful motor and proven performance. Soft silicone motor mounts muffle sound and virtually eliminate vibration, which can cause discomfort or even serious injury over time. The breathable mesh harness makes less contact with the body, allowing for airflow between the back and the unit, keeping the operator cool. The new Super Coach Pro is available in a 10-quart or 6-quart configuration. Both ergonomic and lightweight, the Super Coach Pro 6 is 2 inches shorter and suitable for users of smaller stature. This, in addition to three harness mount options, makes the Super Coach Pro comfortable for a wide range of body types. These innovations in user-comfort are important because user-comfort is so intimately connected with productivity. According to Eshelman, uncomfortable workers cannot pay close attention to the details. Outcomes are not as important to them as they go through their routines. ProTeam's innovative design details solve SCHOOL PLANNING & MANAGEMENT / JANUARY 2013 the little problems effecting user comfort so they don't add up to big health problems for frontline cleaners. "We love them, and we recommend them to anyone that we work around," says Eshelman. For school and college environments, angled exhaust vents won't disturb papers on desks as it passes. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures air performance as Four Level Filtration with HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger helping to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The Super Coach Pro includes a threeyear warranty on parts, labor and motor, and lifetime on molded body parts. Learn more at SPM WWW.PLANNING 4EDUCATION.COM

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